Milkshakes at Tharwa Country Store

Real Milkshakes at Tharwa Country Store

You can grab some authentic milkshakes now at Clarries Cafe inside the Tharwa Country Store.  Get a great boost or make it the end of your trip around south Canberra.  It’s a great destination to relax with a milkshake.

Clarries has those flavours you love to bring back the memories of your past – chocolate, strawberry, banana, caramel and of course vanilla!  We also have the more modern flavours for younger tastes such as cookies and cream.

These milkshakes are made with Syrup from the Real Milkshake Co – a great new Aussie company bringing back what milkshakes should be.

Catering to intense customer demand, The Raw Liquid Sugar Co set itself the task of developing a natural milkshake syrup range to complete the picture. After six months of taste profiling and making a lot of milkshakes, The Real Milkshake Co was born. Premium ingredients and a double strength formulation means less syrup is required for each serve, which means less sugar for the consumer. Big taste without all the sugar. It’s a win-win.


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